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What's In The Digital Playbook

In The Digital Playbook, author, entrepreneur, and digital marketing expert Ryan Mason draws on years of experience as a successful founder and CEO his passion for motivating others to offer you a proven and powerful game plan for marketing your internet business, local business, or personal brand as a social influencer, even if you have no experience with social media marketing or generating digital content.

Outlined within this revolutionary viral marketing book are methods that Ryan has used to win business with Good Morning America, NFL Network, Foot Locker, Adidas, Yahoo, Fox News, and more.

The 6 phases of Repeatable Revenue

Learn step-by-step, hands-on strategies to increase social media visibility, grow brand awareness within a company, how to supercharge engagement, and ways to drive both leads and conversions


Learn how to set up your analytics to determine
where any additional ounce of effort or dollar in advertising budget can make the most difference


Learn how to define your goals or numerically driven targets and authentic statements to drive content that converts at each stage of the funnel


Learn how to use the power of mobile videos and high-authority promotional content to drive huge internet traffic at a fraction of the cost of other methods


Learn how to target
primed audiences with precision that are already segmented on existing
channels and social media platforms


Learn how to amplify the most important pieces of content to attract the most relevant audiences and drive engagement for $1 Dollar A Day


And learn how to identify and optimize what’s
working to maximize the conversion rate and ROI for your marketing and advertising efforts

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"Ryan really helps you nail how to build your credibility, your authority, who to talk to,what to talk to them about all based on what's important to you."
Bonnie Hewitt

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About Author

Ryan Mason

Ryan, recently named by Yahoo as one of the Top 12 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020, is the savvy Founder & CEO behind Luxe Brand, Americas leading luxury shoelace provider and BizBuzz, providing integrated marketing automation software and services for over 250 small businesses.

Ryan believes that people, process, and platform are the key elements to building a powerful business and he’s here to share the benefits of that approach with others.

"For small businesses and entrepreneurs alike, this is a book that you can’t afford not to read. The marketing strategies taught, methods explained, and stories told will greatly benefit anyone in the growth stage of their business."

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